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Abandon #2 - Meg Cabot Not Cabot's best work by a long shot. I actually really enjoyed the concept of retelling a Greek myth in Abandon, after all she did a great Arthurian retelling with Avalon High. However, Cabot seems to have lost her way with this Twilight-esque sequel.The plot seems to drag in places and the conflict becomes tiresome and unimaginative. Cabot spends pages where she should have spent mere sentences. Her heronie Pierce becomes unappealing, weak and spineless and her love interest John is such a controlling, lying, violent charachter that even Edward Cullen is likable in comparison.
I just don't even understand the appeal of a character like John who is lying and manipulative, I mean what is to like? How does someone who writes books exclusively for girls, who claims to be writing stories in their interest justify telling them that it is ok if your boyfriend is controlling and dangerous, stalkery and lies to you?
I'm not advocating censorship or anything but I think people need to think about what they're putting out there for a young audience to read, especially ones that are as popular as Cabot. I am incredibly dissapointed, I can't believe this is the same author that brought us the Mediator series.
This trend in YA fiction that idolizes abuse and toxic relationships in exchange for "You're so hot and rich and I get to live forever" glorifies some of the worst things about our society and it needs to stop.
While I am bothered by the fact many girls make The Hunger Games solely about romance because they are completely missing the point, I am grateful for a popular YA book that has not only a strong heroine but a partner that is her equal in every way. I hope to see more of that rather than this drivel.