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Perfect Chemistry - Simone Elkeles I only picked this book up because it came recommended to me. On one hand it was exactly what I expected, a snort inducing tritely written teen romance. On the other, it was incredibly entertaining. I give this two stars because it was interesting enough I wanted to find out what happened all though way through the vomit inducing epilogue.
The idea of the book, a forbidden love between a gang banging Mexican American and a "perfect princess" white girl is pretty much already a cliche. It hits you over the head with the fact they come from different background constantly. It's a simple concept, the reader does not need to be reminded of it every thirty seconds.
My other pet peeve was the way Alex speaks, just because he is Latino he needs to speak English without any g's? Sentences like this one "You were the one girl who made me risk everythin' for a future worth havin'," constantly set my teeth on edge. I know plenty of people who speak English as a second language, no body speaks this way.
Overall it was interesting but I don't think the message was that great. It's one thing to look past your differences and date people who aren't like you but I think dating gangsters is a little bit extreme.