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Hollowland - Amanda Hocking Another free Kindle book that I was very pleasantly surprised by. Is it plausible? No. But isn't that why we read fiction to begin with?

Remy makes a heroine who is equal parts brave and vulnerable. She's no Katniss, but she's honest and she's tough.

I am aware the pet lion might have strayed a bit on the side of over the top but Ripley was an entertaining and lovable touch to the story.

As far as the love interest goes the dynamic could have been better but I've read much, much worse. While Lazlo wasn't particularly dynamic, he was likable, he didn't act like a complete caveman, and he didn't piss me off constantly so I appreciated that.

The way this novel is written is certainly not for everyone, Hocking takes a very expository stance in the way she writes but I found I much prefer to it to the incessant emotional gushing some young adult authors have a tendency to do. In a way, it kind of makes sense as Remy is emotionally closed off.

All in all it wasn't a perfect book but I really enjoyed reading it and that's what matters to me.